OIF 2014 – Performance Schedule

It’s here, it’s here! Its finally here!

Behold, the schedule for the 2014 Ottawa Improv Festival!


What an amazing line-up! We are so excited to showcase some of Ottawa’s very own talent, and welcome our out of town troupes over the course of the festival.

Also,  keep an eye on our social media over the next few weeks as a special guest or two might just join our roster of performers.

Want to know more? Like, just how Fake are these Fake Cops? Or do the Urban Woodsmen really live in a high-rise apartment complex in the middle of Banff National Park? Then stay tuned! As we get closer to the date you can expect us to drop some awesome bios, show descriptions and more on the Artists & Shows page!

2014 Performer Applications Are Here!

If you have a SHOW you’d like to propose for the 2014 Ottawa Improv Festival, or if you’d like to be considered as an INDIVIDUAL IMPROVISER , we would love to hear from you.

But first, want to know a bit about the 2014 artist perks?

Artist Perks 2014

  •  Insensitivity Training Travel Bursary:  The IT Travel Bursary will give 0.20$/km re-imbursement to cars coming from outside of Ottawa.  The distance will be calculated one way between the originating city and Ottawa.  If someone applies, the OIF organizers reserve the right to fill your car with other improvisers coming to the OIF from your city.  To apply, please see the form on the website.
  • Boarding:  We hope to provide everyone who needs it a place to stay.  If you require boarding, please indicate for which night on the form above and read the Boarding Information on the Website
  • Video project:  Saturday afternoon, the OIF video project will be taking place.  Gathering improvisers  from the festival, we will be producing some outrageous improve comedy which will later posted on Youtube.  Selection for the project will be at random from each Show in the festival.
  • Drink Tickets: Obviously!

Think you are interested? Or know someone else who might be? Please request an artist application form from us here by filling in the info below.  We will email you a form to send back to us.


Sponsors and Partnerships

The Ottawa Improv Festival is a local festival that showcases local and independent talent.  We are always looking to partner with local groups or businesses.  Would you or your business like be a sponsor of the Ottawa Improv Festival? Or, would you like to partner with us in some other respect?

Please drop us a line here !


“What is the OIF Video Project?”

On Saturday afternoon, the OIF VIDEO PROJECT will be taking place.  Gathering improvisers  from the festival, we will be producing some outrageous improv comedy which will later posted on Youtube to showcase the amazing talent present at the festival.  Selection for the project will be at random from each show in the festival.

We will be communicating the finer details to performers closer to the date!

The Ottawa Improv Festival now has dates!

We are happy to announce that the OIF will be rocking the capital September 26th-27th AND 28th, 2014.

Grab a pencil and jot these dates down! Or tell Siri. Or your significant other. Or all three, just to be safe. You are not going to want to miss this!